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iPhones, Samsung, HTC & LG

Here at cellphone store we offer the choice to sell or trade youre old device to use as in-store credit or cash for you're pocket , we pay top dollar for your Samsung, iPhone, HTC, Sony and other name brands.

Get a free quote TODAY: (916) 389-0898 TOP PAY DEVICES

- iPhone - Galaxy

- LG - HTC

- Sony

- Google (nexus)

- Oneplus




Tablets iPad, Android & much more.

Is it time for a new tablet? Do you want to trade in your Samsung or Apple tablet for a new one?

We, at ''The Cellphone Store'' Offer you the best deals.

Trade in your Samsung or Apple with us and enjoy the extra cash or buy the new tablet you have been eyeing for so long. Get a free quote TODAY: (916) 389-0898 TOP PAY DEVICES

- iPad - Galaxy

Tab, Note

- LG

- Ms Surface

- Sony

- Google (nexus)



Desktop & Laptops all brands here at "The Cellphone Store"

We pay top dollar for all your devices such as laptops, desktops & tablets. Do you have Pictures, Documents & Music that you want to trasfer on to your new computer ?

Don't worry our specialized technicians will be able to assist you with any technical questions or problems.

Get a free quote: (916) 389-0898 TOP PAY DEVICES

- Alienware

- Asus

- Acer

- Dell

- HP

- Toshiba

- Lenovo


- Sony

- Samung

- Razer


| We do NOT purchase |

- Laptop computers over 10 years old

- Desktop computers over 10 years old




Broken Devices iPad, iPhone, Galaxy, LG and much more.

Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, Google & much more.

At ''The Cellphone Store'' we are here to help you out. We specialize in purchasing any quantity of cell phones or tablets that you may have. Whether you are a business or if you just found a broken phone in the drawer of your house.

We are here to pay you cash for broken phones,

Sell your broken phone TODAY! Get a free quote TODAY: (916) 389-0898


- iPhone (4th gen & higher)

- Galaxy (Note, S3 and higher)

- LG (LG 3 and higher) - HTC (8 & higher)

- Sony - Google (nexus)

- Oneplus

- iPad ( 2nd gen and higher)

Please understand we are NOT obligated to purchase any item at any time.

Any decision to purchase your item is made ONLY in store and in person.

Your item must be evaluated in the store before a firm offer can be made to purchase your item(s).

Valid identification is ALWAYS required to sell any item to "The Cellphone Store".